James Falciano Art
James Falciano - Oil Painter and Illustrator

Artist Statement

James Falciano is a fine artist and illustrator currently based in New York City.  James attended Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ where he graduated in 2011 obtaining a BFA in Visual Arts with a concentration in Painting. 

As an artist I am captivated by a great many things.  Nature has always had a large creative pull for me, especially how light passes through trees and water.  Architecture and history, especially that of large urban spaces, has also shaped my voice as an artist.  The passage of time and its effect on people, places and buildings is thrilling to me.  New York City, my current home, is a constant muse that satisfies these many areas of my artistic expression with an endless supply of new content to use in my work.   

An ever present inspiration that continues to drive my technique and link together the vast array of themes that interest me is the portrayal of light and how it influences the subject.  I am fascinated by the challenges of conveying very specific lighting; I employ the balance of warm and cool colors interacting together to capture this.  I strive towards achieving a certain kind of luminescence in my work. This affinity with light is a driving force in most of my art, which can be particularly visible through my Nocturne paintings.  Nocturnal scenes hold an intense interest for me, as they represent some of my favorite interactions with this city.  I relish alone time  wandering the streets at night...there is a certain kind of intimacy you can only experience when the streets are less crowded and flooded with artificial light.  The most mundane scene is suddenly transformed into this luminescent, mysterious space...street lamps and lighted windows appear like jewels floating in the sky.  You see figures moving about the streets but can't quite discern their features.  The lights of the city hint at human existence but don't spell out the specifics of who is inhabiting these spaces.  The challenge for me is not only capturing this air of mystery in these scenes but also pushing the kind of luminescence that transforms the mundane into the magical.  All these factors continue to drive me towards representing these nocturnal moments from my adventures around the city.

Pushing color, light and form is very important to me. I do this by using an approach that can be seen as photorealistic as well as impressionistic.  I find it is important to consider my brush strokes at all times.  As I tend towards wanting to overload my work with a high level of detail it is sometimes a good challenge for me to aim towards an economy of brush strokes...or to put it lightly, using a "less actually says more" approach.  This can be visible through my studies of water in motion, which were a great opportunity for me to let go and have a freer approach towards detail and representation. 

Photographs are a useful aid in my artistic process.  I take photos of a specific moment I am experiencing that ignited my senses and file them away for potential use as a painting.  They become the blueprint for my works, though I look to take the image beyond what is represented in the photo...especially in terms of light and color. Unless working on a commission, I only paint from photos I have taken myself.  When considering the painted version, I intend to bring the original moment that inspired me back to life and transport the viewer to this particular time and place in my own personal history.